This topic will tell us more on how a subject and a verb should be used correctly.

A singular subject or noun ( one person/thing/animal) takes a singular verb (verb--something we do --in Malay --perbuatan)

must remember ..------  SINGULAR SUBJECT  + SINGULAR VERB
-- Singular subject means a noun (without letter 's' and the end of the word unless it is spelled otherwise)
-- Singular verb means we must put letter 's' at the end of the word

Examples :

1.  The soldier termite (this shows a singular subject) has  (has- shown a singular verb)  the largest head.

2.  The cat sleeps in the basket.

must remember -----  PLURAT SUBJECT + PLURAL VERB
A plural subject (more persons/things/animals) takes a plural verb.

-- Plural subject means a noun (with letter 's' at the end of the word or word that shows many)
-- Plural verb is a basic word (no 's' is added)


1.  The girls go to school by bus.

2.  The children play badminton every evening.

So.. are you ready to do some exercises?  Let's try.....

Read these sentences carefully and underline the correct answers.

1.  Let us (watch / watches ) the show together.

2.  She ( take / takes ) a left turn into Jalan Batu Muda.

3.  The marigold flowers ( is / are ) in the backyard.

4.  Vermillion ( is / are ) a reddish orange colour.

5.  The mystery ( was / were ) solved very easily by Ms. Sheldon.

6.  Your ( suggestion / suggestions ) are good.

7.  The traffic light ( turn / turns ) red every few minutes.

8.  He ( need / needs ) to earn enough money to buy a new bicycle.

9.  Someone ( has / have ) stepped on the grass.

10.  You ( look / looks ) familiar.

11.  The flock of pigeons ( is / are ) sitting on the roof.

12.  Everybody ( make / makes ) mistakes.

13.  Daniel and Amsyar ( attend / attends ) Acik Yus classes together.

14.  Bella ( get / gets ) a new handphone for her good work.

15.  The group of Year 6 students ( are / is ) exposed to Exam Past year's paper answering technique.

(For those who want to try to answer the question.. you can post your answer in out FB.  Acik Yus will give a comment.  TQ. All the best)